It costs just as much to feed a bad sheep as it does a good one. So we choose the latter. Feel free to call us to learn about our program as we are working our way to the great ones.

HSL 22-1 

 HSL 22-1 Lot 156 ISF ICLA WSD Sale

Jetliner x HSL 513 (Midget) born 12/31/21 RRFD.  Power is the best word to describe this guy.  We haven't ever put one together this complete.  Massive rack shape, bit back, hip and butt. Really good neck shoulder hookup, up front and great rib shape.  Big footed and white wooled.  Mom is the matriarch of the top ewe line in our program and she has never missed producing some of our top brood ewes and show genetics.

HSL 22-96 "Ari"

HSL 22-96 "Ari" Lot 155 ISF ICLA WSD Sale

Ari is lot 155 in the upcoming ISF ICLA Wether Sire Dam Sale.  Mr. Majestic x Dexter born 12/11/21 RRFD. Up fronted, big rack, rib and huge back along with big feet, white shag and a big hip. His lower leg muscle ties in deeper than most you will find. Fantastic neck-shoulder hookup along with great hip loin junction.  Ari is undoubtedly one of if not the best ram prospects we have ever raised. His mother has become one of our anchor ewes.



This guy is proving himself very quickly in our flock.  Collusion x Next Level (Full Sib to GreenLine) A big backed FF sheep in a FD world. Amazing structure, great rib and underline, with a profile for today's show ring.  We have semen available at a buyers price.

Thank you!

We really appreciate all the bidders, buyers, visitors and phone calls about our April 18, 2021 sale entries.  9 head went to 5 states. Good luck!  Stay tuned for backdrop pictures to come.

This little Jetliner sweetheart stole the show selling for $2400 to Michigan.  Jetliner ewe lambs averaged $1800.  

Thank You!

This little girl sold on our April 18, 2021 online sale for $2000 to Michigan.  We look forward to more pictures of her this summer.  Bullseye x Dexter.

Thank You!

This Jetliner daughter sold for 1600 to Iowa.  Maternal sister to Chloe's lead show ewe last year.  She is Jetliner x Shower Chicken.  Typical lines we are getting from Jetliner.

Thank You!

This ram sold on our April 18, 2021 sale.  Top Tier x Midget.  He went to West Virginia for 2200 and his twin sister went to Iowa for 1900.  Look to both flocks for some champions in the near future.  

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