about us

Henry Show Lambs is the restart of our sheep business after a 15 year hiatus. What began as Henry Suffolks from Whittemore, Iowa as a youth project in 1980 grew into a well-known program nationally. While our flock was purebred Suffolks, we focused on correct, eye appealing, and well-muscled sheep that had more than their fair share of success in the market lamb shows. Henry rams sired champions across the nation.


Not surprisingly, when we got back into the sheep business with the Henry kids, we concentrated on showing and raising blackface show lambs. Stylish, good bodied, and modern lambs are what we strive to raise. Our theory is that it costs just as much to feed a good one as it does a poor one. We choose to feed good ones. Our goal is to keep working our way to the great ones.

Integrity is one of our core values. Rest assured that if you buy from us you will get a good one that is represented honestly. But, just as important, we value winning. If you want to put one in front of a backdrop, take a good hard look at Henry Show Lambs.