For Sale

Bred Ewes & Ram Lambs

Ram Lambs:  We have entered 2 ram lambs in the ISF Wether Sire Dam sale.




HSL 22-1 (lot 156) - Jetliner x Midget


Jetliner x HSL 513 (Midget) born 12/31/21 RRFD.  Power is the best word to describe this guy.  We haven't ever put one together this complete.  Massive rack shape, bit back, hip and butt. Really good neck shoulder hookup, up front and great rib shape.  Big footed and white wooled.  Mom is the matriarch of the top ewe line in our program and she has never missed producing some of our top brood ewes and show genetics.



HSL 22-96 "Ari" (lot 155) - Mr. Majestic x Dexter

Mr. Majestic x Dexter born 12/11/21 RRFD. Up fronted, big rack, rib and huge back along with big feet, white shag and a big hip. His lower leg muscle ties in deep with good stifle expression. Fantastic neck-shoulder hookup along with great hip loin junction.  Ari is undoubtedly one of if not the best ram prospects we have ever raised. His mother has become one of our anchor ewes. Her Bullseye triplets last year- Res. Champ Hvy Wt Polk Co Iowa, $2000 and $1500 ewe lambs sold on our April 2021 sale that were very popular. He has 3 maternal sisters in our flock at this time.

Bred Mature ewes:  We'll be selling a small group of bred ewes right from the heart of our flock.  All ewes have a history of producing show lambs.  Come back later for more details.

    HSL 21-76 - Jetliner x Dexter her mother may sell. Her mom's maternal brother is Tag 1 listed above