For Sale

Sold!  Thank you Dylan Deemer for your purchase of the complete offering of 13 Brood Ewes.

March Born Wethers & Ewe Lambs for Sale

BROOD EWE SIRES: Shenanigans, Dexter, Midget, Gunsmoke, Turtleman, 5.56
COMMENTS: Brood ewes: We need to fit in our facility.  Mark is tired of running two places for chores so this is how we fix that.  Roughly 12-14 ewes with 6 yearlings, one two year old, 3 three year olds, one five and one six year old. All sound udders.  2 ewes with a Q, and 4 with a D.  Otherwise all R's, F's, and N's. Our ewe numbers will drop from 30 to 16-18 with 5 or so ewe lambs being retained.
Wethers and Ewe Lambs:  March lambs sired by Jetliner and Shenanigans.  Good selection of wethers and ewe lambs.